“Dense and yet compelling, Boyd's prose and detail make for a read that is witty and paced just right as it weaves through modern history in a way that I have not seen since Dorothy Dunnett conquered the events of the late Middle Ages.”  Amazon 4 Stars

"Boyd’s skill at weaving exposition into his narrative is so great that the large and complicated plot moves forward very smoothly. Watching 20th century history unfold through the unmistakable viewpoint of Kurtis De’ath would be a treat for any lover of well-done historical fiction. Promised sequels are eagerly anticipated.” Historical Novel Society

“Style is very different from the late and lamented Dorothy Dunnett, but the feel of being taken for an ultimate ride through events that fascinate and prove gripping even when known are the same.” Amazon

“The Reflecting Man vaulted to my Top Ten books of the year and the announced sequel[s] became a huge ASAP. Highly, highly recommended. Goodreads 5 Stars

“Boyd paints a convincing picture of Nazi depravity with his detailed descriptions of Germany under the Third Reich [with] a fascinating protagonist.

Publishers Weekly

“I’m enjoying it! A long book, but keeps you going through entertaining, believable and endearing personalities. I recommend it for a bedtime read.” Amazon

The Reflecting Man: Volume 1 

ISBN: 9781987914054 (Paper)

ISBN: 9781987914061 (Digital)

The Reflecting Man: Volume 2

 ISBN: 9781987914030 (Paper)

ISBN: 9781987914047 (Digital)

The Reflecting Man: Volume 3

ISBN: 9781987914016 (Paper)

ISBN: 9781987914023 (Digital)

Six hilarious tales of the future-past! Each tale of world-shaking importance! Milo the Wonderdog and a tech-genius pug named Winston solve amazing problems created by sudden and dangerous potholes in the road of time… 


Leonardo da Vinci

Annie Oakley

Temujin Khan 

Suleyman the Magnificent 

Queen Elizabeth the First 

King Richard the Lionheart

Vocabulary-enriched for strong readers. 

High concept, imaginative stories with attention to detail of historical period. Recommended Grades 4 — 6. 

Downloads: Kindle or iBooks. 99¢ U.S.ea.

The Adventures of Wordsy & Jess

I wrote my first novel for children in 1982  in Lindisfarne, England, where "The Face in the Flames" is set in the ruins of the Priory and I have visited many, many times since. Publisher Maggie Goh and my good friends at Rubicon Publishing in Oakville, Ontario  liked it and soon there was a terrific quartet of adventures for Wordsy and for Jess (named after my niece). The series has been reprinted and remains very popular with kids in grades 4 and 5. Search Amazon by title.

Recommended for everyone who loves hockey, skates and ice!

ISBN (Digital) - 9780991935710    

Publisher - Wonderdog Press

Format - iOS only

"Anyone who has played hockey in their youth will relate to these verses. Took me back in time and relived many fond memories with good friends on outdoor and indoor rinks. Well worth the download. Good bedside reading to the hockey heroes of tomorrow." - Amazon

The excitement of your very first time on ice skates! The thrills of Saturday night hockey team rivalry! And how “wicked great(hint! hint!) it would be to have a new pair of goalie pads! Hockey and poems and kids…they all fit together in this wonderful book 

by Canadian author David Boyd, 

with illustrations by Massachusetts 

educator/illustrator Kathy Douglas

“The story flows smoothly from start to finish. Boyd paints a warm, but realistic, picture of life in a small town and writes honestly about the trials and tribulations of adolescence. An honest portrait of a boy coming to terms with himself, this book will strike a chord with teens. Boyd has a winner here. Recommended.” - CM Magazine


Max Bonney is in the middle of a nightmare. Not only does he feel responsible for the breakup of his father's second marriage, he is also being shipped off to St. Stephen, New Brunswick, to spend the summer with grandparents whom he doesn't even know. Once in St. Stephen, things go from bad to weird as Max starts to have disturbing dreams about Samuel de Champlain, the great explorer who once stayed on nearby Dochet's Island. The only thing that seems to be going right for Max is that he makes friends with Tran, and then Tran introduces him to Caetlin, who happens to have the most beautiful blue eyes he has ever seen...

This title is only available via Amazon or AbeBooks in paperback. ISBN 978-0921156406. 

Cover image shown here is from the forthcoming eBook version; available for Kindle, iBooks, Kobo.

2033. The not-so-distant future. Where post-apocalyptic society rebuilds itself according to the dictates of a deranged bookseller and an overweight mall security guard. Where the Internet has become a stream of data manipulated by users with no past and an uncertain future. Where television displays the worst of human degradation and a mysterious grey cat holds the key to salvation. This is the world gone mad, pulled back from the edge only to be plunged into turmoil once again. The Grief Team is a stunning portrayal of the struggle between good and evil, hope and despair. It is the world as we hope that it will never be…and yet…

Recommended for Adults 18+.

ISBN: 9780991935703

Wonderdog Press


by David Boyd

What connects a rusted, old typewriter pulled from a lake with an African grey parrot who loves prunes? 

And can Ty Summerman and 

his two buddies figure it out before disaster strikes inside a run-down old house? 

It's a summertime mystery set right on the edge of the digital revolution, when Googling didn't exist and a portable typewriter was a writer's best friend. 

Besides an African grey parrot, that is.

Recommended for Grades 4 • 5 • 6

ISBN: 9780991935734 • Wonderdog Press • iOS only

The perfect summer mystery for kids!

I’ve written eight titles for Rubicon Publishing’s TIMELINE series and they have many, many more available. You won’t find a more remarkable, popular series for children anywhere!

D.K.R. Boyd also writes as David Boyd and 

David Collins and has numerous books for children, young adults, and adults, in print and/or e-books. 

He is currently at work on Volume Four of 

The Reflecting Man historical fiction series.

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