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Wickedly long, detailed historical fiction novels on World War Two for adults who love that stuff.

"The Reflecting Man - Volume Two - consists of one ripping tale after another. This is infectiously readable stuff." - Historical Novel Society


The Reflecting Man - Volume Two - continues the antic, ribald journey of a loquacious and unreliable narrator, Kurtis De’ath, from the Maritimes in Canada, whose unusual talents lead him into the innermost circles of Hitler’s Third Reich and Churchill’s British government. Kurtis’ journey through the roots and branches of actual historical figures and events is, at its heart, in meticulous detail, an examination of how Europe went to war in 1939. The Reflecting Man is himself a reflection of his times. The novel is widely and deeply researched, employing hundreds of non-fiction accounts, journals, and diaries of actual participants and observers of the darkening clouds over Europe and the descent into war.

Praise for The Reflecting Man - Volume One

Liviu Siciu, Fantasy Fiction: ”…the novel truly takes flight and becomes impossible to put down. The Reflecting Man vaulted to my top 10 books of the year. Highly, highly recommended."

Historical Novel Society: "Boyd’s skill at weaving exposition into his narrative is so great that the large and complicated plot moves forward very smoothly. Watching 20th century history unfold through the unmistakable viewpoint of Kurtis De’ath would be a treat for any lover of well-done historical fiction. Promised sequels are eagerly anticipated.”

Amazon.com Reviewer: “Dense and yet compelling, Boyd's prose and detail makes for a read that is witty and paced just right as it weaves through modern history in a way that I have not seen since Dorothy Dunnett conquered the events of the late Middle Ages..”

Tried, tested, and true, the four novels in

The Adventures of Wordsy & Jess series:

The Face in the Flames  •  Spellbound!  •  The Danger Beneath  •  Earthwatch

Recommended for boys and girls ages 9 through 12

My Mom Always Yells Too Loud in the Arena

and Other Poems about Hockey


Recommended for boys and girls 9 through 12

The excitement of your very first time on ice skates! The thrills of Saturday night hockey team rivalry! And how wicked great (hint! hint!) it would be to have a new pair of goalie pads! Hockey and poems and kids…they all fit together in this wonderful book by Canadian author David Boyd, with illustrations by Massachusetts educator/illustrator Kathy Douglas.

Recommended for everyone who loves skates and ice! All Ages!

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