Worldwide Wonderdog Web Headquarters

High concept, imaginative stories with attention to detail of historical period. 

Recommended reading. Grades 3 through 6.

Six hilarious adventures of world-shaking importance involving Potholes in the Road of Time 

and co-starring…

 Leonardo da Vinci      Annie Oakley      Temujin Khan 

Suleyman the Magnificent      Queen Elizabeth the First

King Richard the Lionheart

Deep-deep-deep-below the White House in Washington, D.C., 

there is a super-ultra-top-secret room that houses the Worldwide Wonderdog Web Headquarters

In this busy hub of operations, Milo the Wonderdog, the Sheltie in charge, 

and his able assistant, Winston, a genius Pug, scan the globe, searching for any Potholes in the Road of Time

Whenever Winston’s amazing machines detect one of these potholes, they enlist the aid of 

an intrepid child to travel back in time and make things right.

Leonardo's Wings - Book 1 

Eleven-year-old Donny Beck goes hurtling back to the 1400s for a meeting with Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest adventurers and scientists of all time. Leonardo is having trouble getting his flying machine off the ground, and it's up to Donny to help him. If he doesn't succeed, it will change the history of aviation. Will Donny and Leonardo discover the secret of flight? Milo (the masterful black-and-white sheltie) and Winston (the inventive pug) can only watch and wait -- and hope for the best. ISBN: 9780991935758

Little Sure Shot - Book 2

 Yvonne zaps back to the 1890's for an encounter with Annie Oakley, the famous sharpshooter. Yvonne must intervene in one of Annie's performances in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. If she fails, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany will be the victim of an evil assassination plot hatched by circus clowns. And if that happens, clowns will take over Germany and eventually conquer the world! Milo (the masterful black-and-white sheltie) and Winston (the inventive pug) have their paws crossed! ISBN: 978-0-991935-76-5

Khan of Khans - Book 3

Dennis appears in Mongolia in the year 1226. There Dennis meets with Genghis Khan, ruler of the vast Mongol Empire. The Great Khan is about to ban the use of paper money throughout his empire. But if he does, then all the money in the world will disappear! Not just paper money, but coins too! Automated Teller Machines (ATM's) will dispense ice cream bars and cranberry juice. Bank tellers will hand customers bags of bird seed and cherry pies instead of cash. And people will pay cab fares with bottles of shampoo! Will Dennis succeed in fixing this pothole in the road of time? Only time will tell. ISBN: 978-0-991935-77-2

Suleyman's Library - Book 4

Shakira Persad materializes in Constantinople in the year 1560, where Suleyman the Magnificent heads the mighty Ottoman Empire. With the help of Winston the Pug’s Auto-Instant-Language Machine, she must help the Bahshi, chief librarian, find a missing document: the Muhibbi’s Gazel. Failure to do so will result in modern day madness as every librarian in the world morphs into a real bookworm! Fortunately, Shakira has the answer…or does she? 

ISBN: 978-0-991935-78-9

Good Queen Bess - Book 5

Alex Salt is zapped into London, England in the year 1558, when Elizabeth the First held the throne. Something has gone very wrong in the road of time for, in modern day New York City, as mass wave of juggling has taken over the population. And it’s terrible juggling too, causing an epidemic of injuries. Somehow, Alex must show Master Tallboy that he can perform for ‘Good Queen Bess’ as a jongleur and not wind up in the Tower waiting for his own execution. It all hinges on a terrifying wager of enormous stakes and three turnips!! ISBN: 978-0-991935-79-6 

Heart Of A Lion - Book 6

Donnie Becks back in time for his second adventure. Boomeranged into France in the year 1193, Donnie joins forces with Blondel, troubadour and friend of the mighty English King Richard the Lionheart. A pothole in time has resulted in a mad outbreak of modern day Robin Hoods and Merrie Men, all in Lincolnshire green dress, parading through the streets of major cities like New York, Toronto, and Paris. Donnie must rescue the Lionheart, a task which will ultimately bring him face-to-face with his own destiny and the choice of a lifetime! ISBN: 978-0-992017-40-8