Award-Winning Fiction for Young Adult Readers by David Boyd

Looking For A Hero - Book 1 of David Boyd's Young Adult Trilogy

Nicholas Sparks is a "normal" fourteen-year-old who likes rock music and sports. The only problem is that something has caused him to commit a terrible act that has changed his life forever. His psychiatrist thinks she can help him, but she doesn't know the dark secret that Nicholas is carrying... Every reader will be affected by the twists and turns which Nicholas experiences as he is propelled toward a revelation that will either save him or have terrible consequences. Told through a series of interviews, reports, and letter, this challenging novel is one that the reader will find difficult to put down until the end.

Recommended reading ages 12-16 - ISBN 0-921156-42-1 Print; ISBN: 978-0-992017-46-0 Digital

• Nominated for Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award 1994

• Canadian Children's Book Centre "Best Choice!"

• Review - Canada Schoolnet: "In Looking for a Hero, David Boyd presents us with Nicholas,

a character burdened with a deep secret that is gradually revealed through the efforts of the physician 

assigned to his case. Through a series of interview transcripts, reports and letters, we learn that Nicholas has been referred for psychiatric assessment following a terrible act. The author skillfully leads the reader through a series of twists and turns, to confront a scenario that is as tragic as it is thought-provoking. Although the crime is dreadful, we come to a fuller understanding of the motivation, as well as a fuller realization of what it is to be, or to have, a hero. Looking for a Hero is a contemporary novel that kept this reviewer hooked right to the end."

Bottom Drawer - Book 2 of David Boyd's Young Adult Trilogy

Fifteen-year-old MacKenzie Kuper finds relief from his troubled relationship with his stepfather via the Internet. "MacKid," as he calls himself, meets "2Cool" in cyberspace, and the two quickly become good friends. Unfortunately, events from the past and the present propel the boys into their own life-and-death situations. Told through a series of interviews, reports, letters, memos, and cyberchat, this book will keep readers enthralled as they follow Mac through his painful journey to maturity.

Recommended reading ages 12-16. - ISBN: 0-921156-58-8 Print; ISBN: 978-0-992017-42-2 Digital

• Nominated for the Governor-General of Canada''s Literary Award: Children's Text 1996

• Nominated for the Blue Heron Award 1996

• Canadian Children's Book Centre "Best Choice!"

• Review - The Globe & Mail: "Boyd unravels a psychological mystery of great complexity. 

It is a bravura performance that also encompasses numerous contemporary issues without ever 

becoming an 'issue' novel. The paradox of “Bottom Drawer” is that a novel with what seems like a case of attention-deficit disorder, a novel of bits and bytes, can move with such steadiness and grace towards its very satisfying resolution. As a novel, it is daring and deep. Bravo."

• Review - The Toronto Star: "...a powerful, sophisticated book..."

Closer To Hamlet - Book 3 of David Boyd's Young Adult Trilogy

“How do you know...I mean, how can you tell if you’re cracking up?” Kendal Twiner is young, handsome, gifted, and on the brink of superstardom when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of an unbelievable scandal. What could have driven this prodigy to risk it all? Uncover Kendall’s painful secrets in the gripping tale told through a collection of interviews, emails, reports, fan letters, transcripts, and articles. 

Recommended reading ages 12-16. - ISBN: 978-0-921156-93-2  Print; ISBN: 978-0-992017-43-9 Digital

• Review: “It’s a pleasure to see Shakespeare’s glowing words blended seamlessly into a novel for young adults.” - Joan Marshall, teacher-librarian


Paul is 15 and a survivor. His psychiatrist believes he can help Paul deal with the terrible images he has locked inside his mind in the aftermath of his best friend’s shooting rampage in his high school. Writing in his journal, Paul’s struggle to make sense of what happened reveals the depth of feeling in adolescent friendships, the far-reaching effects of angst and anger, and the havoc caused by a friend’s betrayal. 

Note: Strong themes. Recommended Age 14+

ISBN (Digital) - 9780992017453 - ASIN (Digital): B004IZMAKQ

Published by Wonderdog Press


Zaki is a long distance runner. But now he’s in the care of his psychiatrist who believes that his patient can only come to grips with the terrible events in which he was involved by writing about them. Slowly, reluctantly, Zaki begins to open up and examine his life, family, and friendships… especially his relationship with Deon. Zaki’s journal is a fascinating account of adolescent friendships, the struggle for individuality, and tragic loss. 


Note: Strong themes. Recommended Age 14+

ISBN (Digital) - 9780992017446 - ASIN (Digital): B004VGUSS8

Published by Wonderdog Press